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Comparing them in this manner often reveals small color variations to the dial and watch-band, the laser printing in the face and any other variances that will identify an authentic Rolex with a counterfeit. In addition, most of the edges on an authentic Rolex and it is band are smooth, not sharp or coarse like many counterfeitsCounterfeit watches are sometimes manufactured so well that even a specialist needs special equipment to verify its authenticity, according to Swiss Customs Service administrators. An expensive price tag to get a watch is also not really a guarantee of quality, as even they are able to simply be very done well counterfeits. In addition, logos, seals and other proprietary markings can be forged to deceive your purchased into believing the watch is made with genuine solid your old watches, when in reality it’s some sort of counterfeit that’s gold plated. Gold watches do not have to be made of solid gold being authentic, as Fake Rolex Watches there are authentically manufactured watches which can be gold plated. S. dollars). Rolex watches are believed status symbols by many. Rolex is the largest single luxury watch brand definitely, with estimated revenues with around US $3 thousand (2003). BusinessWeek magazine ranks Rolex 71st with its 2007 annual listing of the 100 most vital global brands, top among all watchmakersIn the famous murder case, the Rolex watch that the victim wore on his wrist eventually produced the arrest of his murderer. When a body was found in the English channel in 1996 by the fisherman who caught your system, and the 4. 5 kilogram anchor that come with it through the victim’s belt, in his net about 10 kilometers in the English coast, a Rolex wristwatch was the only identifiable object on the body. Since the Rolex move had a serial number and was engraved with special markings every time it was serviced, English police traced the company Fake Rolex GMT For Sale records from Rolex, and Ronald Joseph Platt was identified as the owner of the watch and the victim in the murder. In addition British police were able to determine the date associated with death by examining the date relating to the watch calendar and since Rolex movement had a reserve of 2-3 days of operation when inactive therefore was fully waterproof, they could actually determine the time of death within a small margin of error.

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